US State & Local Government Software

Article By: G2

U.S. local & state government software functions as a data management system that houses administrative data in a centralized hub. The software is used to digitize and organize the massive number of government files on everything from public works projects to waste management.

Local governments use the software to maintain government data integrity, improve transparency, increase the ease of public record access, and promote participation from as well as collaboration between the government and its citizenry. U.S. local and state government software is also used to boost accountability, produce actionable insights from the government’s data, maintain a holistic view of operations, and reduce data management costs.

U.S. local and state government solutions are used by local governments as an electronic data repository that consolidates and allows easy access to administrative information.

Local government solutions typically integrate with and pull data from a diverse range of existing government software which may include accounting, HR, and more. The software may be used as a standalone suite or an integrated solution within your technology stack, depending on the depth of functionality needed.

To qualify for inclusion in the U.S. Local and State Government software category, a product must:

  • House administrative data across a large functional footprint
  • Analyze administrative data and produce reports
  • Import data from existing government software
  • Be intended for use by local or state governments