Architectural Accounting

Accounting Software: The foundation of your Architectural Business

Adequately managing financial information for a business that sells its services rather than products can prove to be quite challenging as Architecture and design companies selling their professional services have unique requirements. Some of these different requirements include; billing based off of time, the type of financial reports needed and a client-centric approach to managing and presenting data is imperative. Finding a solution optimized for the way your company works can make a big difference in leveraging cost-savings and growth from your software investment

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Key Features of the software

Architectural work is typically done on a project basis with each project unique to the next and each requiring a varying array of different requirements. When looking for an accounting software for your company the most important feature to search for is compatibility with your company. Other important feature include the ability to; perform bank reconciliations, establish budgets, create orders and invoices, manage payroll, track expenses, pay bills, print checks and create top level financial reports.

How will accounting software benefit your Architectural Firm?

With integrated project and financial management tools in place, your firm will be best-positioned to deliver inspiring designs, price accurately and realise profitable margins. It's the only way to succeed in a highly competitive industry in which the design projects you take on can make or break your firm’s financial security and reputation. Accounting software will enable your architecture firm to deliver the speed of design and the breadth of services that your clients demand, whilst never compromising your creative output.

  • Manage opportunities with Customer Relationship Management
  • Manage the entire project lifecycle, from bid to delivery
  • Manage your fee schedule to price your bids accurately and competitively
  • Communicate and share real-time information across departments and offices
  • Recruit and retain the right team members at the right time
  • Create a strong team dynamic and collaboration that ensures project success and contributes to employee satisfaction
  • Enable mobility and flexibility

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