Foreign Currency Conversion

Foreign Currency Conversion Software:

Foreign Currency Conversion Software or Multi-currency system refers to accounting software that enables trading in multiple currencies, which facilitates buying and selling internationally.

In today’s global marketplace, companies have a need to do business in foreign and multiple currencies. Many European countries have had to adapt to dealing with the Euro, as well as their domestic currency. Companies with United States customers have also had to handle the dollar, which may lead to them dealing in three or more currencies. United States companies are also faced with the challenge of multiple currencies in the wake of globalization and outsourcing.

Multi-currency systems can facilitate the recording of revenue and expenses converted from foreign to domestic currency. Exchange rate fluctuations would be automatically tracked showing the appropriate gain or loss. For companies that sell goods and services in foreign companies, a multi-currency system could automatically convert pricing to the customer’s currency. Conversely, companies that purchase goods and services from foreign countries would also be able to track what is owed in each currency.

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Key Features of Foreign Currency Conversion

  • Ability to transact in other than your accounting currency
  • Ability to revalue transactions
  • Bank Accounts in other than accounting currency
  • Ability to translate transactions or balances for reporting purposes
  • Ability to account transactions parallel in different currencies

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