Document Management

Document Management and Imaging: Sorting Your Paperwork Electronically

Documents & Images are a requirement of any company, Document Management Systems (DMS) is the use of computer software to store, manage & track documents & images electronically in stead of paper form. These systems work both by saving documents to electronic files instead of printing and saving documents into file cabinets. It is a cleaner solution for the planet as well as more organised for you. A DMS system will allow you to have one single document, centralising the work and allowing all users and staff to access the file faster and easier then having to search through mounds of paper.

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Key Features & Benefits of Document Management and Imaging Software:

  • Audit Trail: An audit trail is a record that provides details of any relevant event and the sequence of activities that have affected at any time an operation, procedure or event. Documents can have the tendencies to disappear, so being able to track the exact history of a file enables you to track everything you put into the software endlessly.
  • Cost Effective: The cost of printing & posting documents and images can add up quote substantially, installing a software program that can do all the the things you would do physically electronically will save you a substantial amount in business expenses. For example; emailing files rather then posting them.
  • Categorisation: Classifying documents and images through software will allocate each item an ID or another type on unique code specific to each element. This function will aid in the Audit Trail, as well as help you file & locate documents easily and efficiently.
  • Work Efficiency: Cut down cost and time-consuming work by switching from manual paperwork to electronic Automated paperwork. Cut the time that is spent printing documents, manually categorising, possibly sent to numerous departments – For example, a bill would be opened, sent to management for approval, then to accounts payable, then to administration, etc. - then filed. This process can be cut down immensely with documents being kept in your software system.
  • Reduced Storage Space: The cost of property is going up rapidly, so having the ability to downsize is a great advantage, converting numerous filing cabinets down to one software application will allow you to cut property costs immensely.
  • Strengthened Security: A DMS system can provide better control over sensitive documents enhancing their security. Access to specific files can be controlled at the access or level set to users of the system to control what they can and cannot do.

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