From the counter to the back office: Accounting software for your retail business

here is a big software market for retail companies searching for a software package that can also handle the accounts portion of the business. Companies approaching the market from both angles have developed many software programs that accommodate for every business type and size, there fore creating a complex and confusing market for buyers. Our aim is to help you, the buyer, understand how to best search and select the retail accounting package that is best for you.

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Key Features

Tracking your payables and receivables will allow you to better manage outgoing payments and general operating costs, and track incoming payments from customers or sales.

Inventory Management packages will monitor the current value of inventory on hand, accounting for immediate and long-term depreciation of assets.

Automated reporting will determine product margins and monitor sales performance at different levels and in different departments i.e product, employee, location date etc. generating reports for you to easily and quickly see exactly what stock you have and its status.


Organisation and efficacy improvement is what allot for buyers are most interested in. If you have ever tried to prepare a tax return without an accountant or a system that can do this for your automatically then you know how difficult it can be. Installing a a program that can do this for you will make for a much neater and more organised business.

Having all of tour data managed and stores in the one place saves a surprising amount of time when trying to determine performance of the business, again streamlining routine tasks like generating reports, improving productivity.

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