Moving onto the right Transportation Management Software

Transportation comes in many different shapes and sized from taxi cabs to air planes. All things considered it is a category of companies that provide a services moving people or items. Different types of companies and organisations within this industry are air freight and logistics, airlines, marine, road and rail and general transportation. With an industry so diverse it is hard to narrow down exactly what each one needs in one article but we have found some key features to look out for while you are purchasing.

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Key Features of Transportation Management Software

  • Job Allocation: If you are a company that has last minuet jobs come in and need to be able to quickly find available vehicles and staff then allocation capabilities is something to look out for. Using a system that can streamline this process and automate as much as possible will cut the time down it takes administration type staff to complete jobs or orders as well as reduce the basic human error that can occur with any normal task.
  • Get Paid Faster: Having an accounting component in your transpiration software will allow more time to be spent on making sure everything is paid up to date and any outstanding bills are being taken care of because the invoice management will be clean and simple.
  • Accounting Reports: Adding to the ability of tracking your income is by utilising your accounts receivable – This will take all of the information strait from your transactions to give you an up to date report displaying exactly what is owed to you and when you can expect it – this will allow better educated decisions to be made with real financial basing improving your company.
  • Rout Optimisation: Software that allows you to choose route’s for couriers or transportation vehicles will help you determine and plan the most efficient rout to save time, money and in most cases fuel or gas. Easily being able to get this information to your staff on the roads is key weather by email or another form.

Benefits of using Transportation Software

Transport Management & Accounting systems offer many different useful tools to achieve maximum efficiency and lower costs associated with product shipping and coordination. Some benefits include planning functionalities which give you the ability to forecast in different time periods and make better judgement of the company as a whole.

Route Optimisation as mentioned earlier will help the most in reducing cost and adding value to time. Cutting down the time it takes your delivery drivers, cab or taxi staff or any other transport rout will improve customer satisfaction and increase business as a reliable company who works quickly and efficiently.

Recording expenses is just as important as recording receivables. When looking over financial records being able to see easily how much money is spent where, for example fuel or vehicle upkeep gives the company the ability to see where they are loosing money and where there is potential to make more.

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