Assisted Living

Assisted Living - Understanding the management software options:

Software is beneficial in every industry. Assisted Living communities are no different. Assisted Living Software can help with the organisation of patient files, checking guests and patients in and out, administration, accounting and more. This type of software is best suited to care facilities, weather that be retirement homes, assisted living villages, special need day cares or anything else in the industry. It can be used to improve communication with patients and their families, as well as increase the quality of services delivered, Assist in administrating medicines and watching dietary requirements and more.

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Key Features and Benefits of Assisted Living Software

  • Ability to create and electronically store service plans and agreements which can be customised for each resident, as well as tracking personal availability and scheduling care based on each individual needs.
  • Creating categorised lists and reports based on age, health, situation etc. This can take out the human error of day to day tasks like administrating medicine or dietary requirements. Categorising can also help you with cash management and staff allocation, seeing where time is being spent, or need to be.
  • Managing communication between caretakers, staff, residents and families can be made simpler with electronic patient files. Keeping all records in the one place of what the patients needs are and who the emergency contacts are, as well as saving time when friends or family come to visit by having their information will already been in the system so all you need to do it check them in and out.
  • The right software package for you could include administration reports that help maintain order and uplift service quality. Having a system do calculations and monitor day to day duties for you is going to be invaluable.
  • Allowing the reduce over overhead costs as well as eliminating errors. You can have less staff do the same amount of work, or more, because the software system you find can keep records and schedules – eliminating the job of one or more staff manually organising schedules and records.

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