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Software for Mining and Natural Resources

If your a mining company, you need a software solution to manage extrapolation and production of the minerals you mine to optimise the use of staff and equipment. Mining software can be used to forecast, comply with health and safety regulations, manage projects and more. Some solutions focus on expiration and production while others provide features for asset maintenance.

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Key Features Of Mining and Natural Resource Software

  • Forecasting: Forecasting can be done within your mining software to estimate the financial potential tasks. Determining the financial potential of mineral deposits, managing the infrastructure needed for ore recovery, or tracking the movement of minerals during the mining cycle.
  • Lower Costs: Since mining projects require substantial investments, companies can use this type of software to lower costs for maintenance and production by automatically tracking work cycles, mining cycles and using this information to lower costs.
  • Scheduling: Will help mining companies increase the productivity of their employees through better scheduling. Schedule personnel based on availability, safety requirements, and customer demand.
  • Automated Reporting: Capture and analyse data in the software to automate reports and Analyse mine productivity, equipment efficiency and profitability. This will cut time and cost from manually searching for data to create reports.

Benefits of using Mining and Natural Resource Software

Without properly co-ordinated resources and project management, you run the risk of exhausting your resources. With no on hand support or proper management, timeliness will cross over, costing you money, placing valuable resources to the side and delaying qualified staff.

Skill Management can be a valuable key to productivity in the mining industry. When you assign your staff to the same repetitive tasks that don't allow them to diverse into different roles, productivity inevitably drops. Software systems that allow you to record special skills and qualifications mean you can create rosters that have staff carrying out new jobs and performing in new roles.

Combining job forecasting and automated scheduling with a detailed report that gives you a overview of your equipment, resources, staff and their functions or qualifications will allow you to plan for future jobs. knowing where their future position is will give you the time to cover strategies and equip you to carry the project forward without unexpected problems.

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