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Working in the legal industry can mean a number of things, working for a law firm as a solicitor, providing legal advice and representation, preparing legal documents, the list goes on. Legal firms require allot of paperwork which needs to be managed and organised, along with this attorneys have to track the time they spend on different cases and jobs to then on charge their time – which gets complicated when they are working on multiple clients at one time.

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Key Features of Legal Software

  • Billing Management: The task of recording the hours worked on client files for the purpose of billing the client. Keeping track of this can be quite complicated, epically for those who work on multiple cases at one time. If you install a software program with a component that can track what work is being done and when this will dramatically cut down the time spent on recording what work is being done.
  • Schedule Management: Designed to aid in streamlining the lawyers work flow with all information in the one place or database, so having an easily readable and automated calender/schedule tracking. Most of all it helps prevent calendar and deadline errors.
  • Document Management: Keeping drafts and references to current work will streamline the documented management process and decrease the time and energy required to find important items.
  • Client Files and File Management: In an effort to cut down on the paper that goes through law offices, keeping client records as a digital file will not only help reduce the cost of keeping files in the office but help staff locate different cases.

Benefits of using Legal Software

Using legal software will Improve task coordination among staff as well as offer support between each other. Office efficiency is executed when duties are appropriately delegates and deadlines are handled.

Having the ability to connect all memos, tasks, appointments and contacts to each specific file or case which saves time by keeping everything organised and easily locatable.

Searching capabilities for digitalised documents through use of the document management application can be essential during client calls when there is a need to quickly find or reference many different parts of information.

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