Bid Management

Bid Management Software:

A construction bid is the process of providing a potential customer with a proposal to build or manage the building of a structure. It’s also the method through which subcontractors pitch their services to general contractors.

Bid Management Software (also called proposal or RFP software) helps you manage, track, report, and submit bids for contracts across multiple industries. With it, you can automate the more cumbersome aspects of proposal writing while maintaining a detailed and professional looking document. Determining which bid software to purchase depends on your needs. Most bid software offers analytics tools to help you identify the best bid opportunities for your business or product services and tools to specifically target and research your competition.

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Common features include:

  • Centralized access to contractor and subcontractor information
  • Centralized, paperless project document and communication databases
  • A function that ensures all relevant documents and information are submitted
  • A shared calendar to organize bid due dates, project participants, and alerts
  • Response templates in multiple formats to meet compliance

Benefits of using Bid Management Software

  • Centralising (one version) of content used in RFP Responses, Pitches and Proposals
  • Keeping that content current and approved
  • Tracking the use of that content
  • Presenting users with an example / guideline of how the question has previously been answered and supporting the user to create a client specific response to each specific question.
  • Templates and previously submitted proposals can also be accessed from a central location – so massively reducing time and effort to search for and re-use content.

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