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Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI or Mobile Intelligence) is defined as “Mobile BI is a system comprising both technical and organizational elements that present historical and/or real-time information to its users for analysis on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Although the concept of mobile computing has been prevalent for over a decade, Mobile BI has shown a momentum/growth only very recently. This change has been partly encouraged by a change from the ‘wired world’ to a wireless world with the advantage of smartphones which has led to a new era of mobile computing, especially in the field of BI.

The importance of software has never been so evident than in the present times. Not only do critical enterprise systems now run almost entirely on software, but mobile apps and other digital touch points powered by software are being used increasingly to deliver efficiency, make work easy, unlock new possibilities, facilitate the customer, and improve customer satisfaction .

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Benefits of Mobile Business Software

  • Simplified Analytics for Mobile. One benefit of mobile BI is that, by design, the shape and size of smartphones and tablets lend themselves to simplified, visual analytics. For mobile BI that means colorful and visual representations of data that won’t bog you down with too many details, unless you want them. Simplified analytics on mobile brings helpful limitations: the on-the-go app means viewing data, not manipulating it, and seeing general trends rather than drilling down to the details. While having access to these features is important in the long term, limited functionality on mobile devices means seeing what you need to see quickly and easily, and moving on.
  • Mobile and Cloud-Based Means Increased Collaboration. Nearly all business intelligence platforms are cloud-based, which means access from anywhere on any device. Your team is no longer limited to those who own personal computers, have access to certain computers, or who are located in a particular office. More and more companies are looking to send mobile business analytics to the front lines so that employees can use their own smartphones and tablets for improved decision making wherever they are. Mobile business intelligence translates directly to increased collaboration.
  • User Access. By definition, collaboration means bringing more people into the mix. Mobile BI allows for permanent, intermediary, or temporary access to as many people in your company as you like, from high up to the front line, and from detailed data to reports only. Providing access to all (or just a certain few) means one less check on your to-do list. All the employees in the know will have access to the information they need to get their jobs done.

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