Distribution Accounting

Distribution Accounting Software – What you need to know:

This article offers information about the Distribution Accounting Software and the options that are available. Accounting distribution software can offer transaction capability for purchases and orders, vendor billing, expense and income reporting as well as basic account reports. Distribution Software refers to packages which managed everything from Order Processing to Income Control to accounting.

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Key Features of Distribution Accounting Software

  • Accounting Reports: Any system that offers accounting will have at least these three reports; general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Viewing these reports will allow you to determine exactly where your company sits in terms of revenue. Using these reports will enable you to be paid faster by keeping an eye on the accounts receivable and eliminate surprise fees or bills from sneaking up on you by checking on the accounts payable report.
  • Transactions: Distribution Accounting packages will highlight on different features like handling multiple transactions in one go, meaning you can be more profitable by speeding up the pace of manual invoice or billing.
  • Customer Base: In order to effectively process orders or contact suppliers the ability to keep a customer and supplier list can be quite important. This will allow for quick reporting on customer types and spending categories, searching for old bills, specialised marketing and more.

Benefits of using Distribution Accounting Software

Using your new system to automatically create reports, epically since the distribution account type systems, will cut down the time you would normally spend searching for information and compiling it in an easy to read format. This will also reduce the cost of preparing required documents for government agencies or insurance companies, customers or general financial reports for meetings and such.

One of the challenges that allot of distribution companies face is dealing with discounts. Tracking discounts like: 10% to certain customers on orders over 500 grams, can become confusing to manage, epically when there is more then one person trying to do this job. Automated discounting lets you easily add discounts, track them and view them against cash flows and other reports to help you make the best decisions.

Distribution Accounting Software really does all come down to you having the best control over cost and management. The system will give a much better view of costs and margins, increased information and allows managers understand the way the business is running better.

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