Professional Services

Management, Accounting and Automation Software for your Professional Services Firm

Working with the Professional Service Firms industry type you probably have very specific needs and you carry your self and your business with attention to detail, there is no reason that choosing a software program should be any different. There is software out there for everyone one, weather that be Law Firms, Bookkeepers and accountants, Insurance agents, Real Estate Brokers or more.
Professional Services software will be a little different depending on what your company does day to day but generally includes the means for project management, resource management, financial accounting and more.

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Key Features of Professional Services Software

  • Project Management: A package with project management capabilities mean s you can streamline allot of jobs, some of which are creating and maintaining schedules, budget for expected costs and communicate with clients and employees. Some packages will includes specialised project management accounting which will help you track revenue and expenses by client or project while giving you updated reports and notes of profitability. Some other features are specific billing, time sheets or time tracking ability & again schedule management.
  • Transaction Creation: Invoice's and Bill's are usually the two most commonly used transaction type in any company or business helping you quickly create invoices, bills, expense claims and more. This will feed into different financial reports to help you keep track of your companies position.
  • Account Management: With account management you can offer high-quality service through tracking past and current customer transactions and information. Some packages will include categorising customer information, evaluating buying trends and personalising the service.
  • Advice Platform: The idea of this feature is to help customers and offer support to those how have questions or need extra attention. Some functions of an Advice Platform or Help Desk is tracking inquires to allow for prompt replies as well as helping determine frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Using Professional Service Software

Stream lined tasks include things like resource management and project management by automatically tracking time and revenue all in the one place. Rather then getting information form multiple sources and having to manually compile reports and time sheets, you will be able to quickly find and edit or view entire projects from the past, current or upcoming.

Every company or business wants to reduce the room for error, a software program that automates tasks such as time calculations or invoicing. The automation will eliminate all human error from certain aspects which on its own will save you time and money.

Enhancing customer relations leads into the Account Management & Advice centre features but it goes much further then making sure your current customers are happy, it also means that your team is willing to work with your clients.

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