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Report Writer Software:

Most software solutions have a range of standard reports, however rarely do they provide every report you need straight out of the box. A good report writing software acts as your personal report writing assistant by offering a range of customizations options and templates to suit thousands of reporting requirements.

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Key features of report writing software

  • Define font, style, size, color, and format or change orientation to Portrait or Landscape.
  • Flexibility to drill down through data sets and create your own reports that can be viewed on screen, exported to Excel or PDF, or emailed.
  • Save Custom Reports so they can be used for future queries of the same data set.
  • Share Reports and Publish so others can use them to create their own queries.
  • Security Settings that limit access to sensitive reports and/or data based on permissions.
  • Filter and Sort to define exactly how different data sets will relate to each other and how the data will be filtered, sorted, grouped and displayed.
  • Personalized real time custom interactive Dashboards.
  • Report Scheduling to schedule reports to run at specified times and be delivered to an individual or distribution list.
  • Visualization tools to view reports in a variety of easy to interpret charts.

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