Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management software: Full-scale control from supplier to customer

Supply chain management software (SCSM) is the software tool used in executing supply chain transactions, managing supplier relation and controlling associated business processes. it refers to the range of tools that are designed to control business processes, execute value chain transactions and manage supplier relationships.

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While functionality in these systems varies tremendously, common features include:

  • Tenant and lease tracking: Helps managers perform two important functions: keep track of tenant details, such as rent payments or contact information, and lease dates. Lease tracking can also automate the leasing process from prospect to move-out.
  • Maintenance management: It's critical that property managers keep buildings and utilities in operating condition so tenants find value and comfort in their homes. With this application, residents can submit work orders and managers can assign work and track schedules so that important maintenance tasks are completed in a timely fashion
  • Accounting: Assists with tracking rent payments, includes a general ledger and can generate reports to visualize the financial health of your properties.
  • Tenant portal: An online portal allows your tenants to pay rent, make maintenance requests and communicate with landlords at any time. This portal can also send alerts and notifications about upcoming rent dates or important messages from managers to residents.

Implementing this software will allow you to grow your business through the automation gained from software, allows property mangers to spend more time marketing their properties and managing applicants to find the best residents or renters.

Gaining financial oversight by utilising reporting and analytic tools to help you gather you financial, tenant or marketing data to identify trends that could be harming your business, or opportunities to make improvements

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