Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Management Software:

Time-tracking software is a category of software that allows its employees to record time spent on tasks or projects. The software is used in many industries, including those who employee freelancers and hourly workers. It is also used by professionals who bill their customers by the hour. These include lawyers, freelancers and accountants. The tool could be used stand-alone or be integrated with other applications like project management software, customer support and accounting to name just a few. Time tracking software is the electronic version of the traditional paper time sheet.

Tracking time can increase productivity, as businesses can track time spent on tasks and get a better understanding of what practices causes the employees to waste time. Time tracking software enhances accountability, by documenting the time it takes to finish given tasks. The data is collected in the database and can be used for data analysis by the human resources departments.

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Key features and benefits

  • Clocking In and Out. The basic function of a time and attendance module is to allow employees to clock in and out to keep a record of their working hours. Options can include magnetic card readers, PIN numbers or even biometric scanners to identify employees.
  • Flexible Employee Scheduling. Some businesses offer flexible schedules that allow employees to start and end their days at different times. Others prefer to keep the workday more formal and wish to prevent employees from coming in early or working overtime. Time Attendance software not only monitors the attendance of your employees. but allows you to create and manage schedules and rosters, and such functionality usually comes equipped with alerts and notifications relating to overtime, poor attendance, etc.
  • Absence Management. As well as monitoring presence, the software can help you to manage absence. Whether it’s unexpected due to sickness, holidays or vacation days, or paid time off – it should be easy for managers to see at a glance who’s in, who isn’t, and what each person’s entitled overtime and allowances are.
  • Payroll Integration. Assuming your payroll has been automated, your time attendance software should be integrated with your payroll functionality; providing attendance data for the payroll cycle that can be used to rapidly and accurately calculate salary and other benefits.
  • Compliance. Labor legislation and regulations for your region will define the maximum number of working hours. The time attendance software should monitor breaks on your behalf, using that data for reporting and compliance purposes, and provide automatic notifications if break patterns are not meeting the legislative norms.
  • Elimination of Missed Punches. Today’s HRMS are designed to alert the manager and the employee to a missed punch through self-service portals and mobile alerts, stopping the problem before it becomes an issue.
  • Comprehensive Policy Configuration. Employees are entitled to breaks, overtime pay and rest day. You may have a group of employees who are entitled to overtime as well as others who are entitled to time off, your ideal software should be able to cater to these scenarios.
  • Reporting. Time attendance software should be able to provide tailored reports and analytics using the system’s data. Expect your software to give you the information to various attendance-related reports, offering insights into hours worked, shift patterns, and so on with a view to constantly improving productivity.

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