Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturing software – end-to-end control for quality, efficency and compliance:

Medical device manufacturing, as the name suggests, refers to the production of medical devices. Due to the large amount of regulations in the industry, the production of medical devices presents significant challenges from both engineering and legal perspectives. Below you will find a comprehensive, independent comparison of manufacturing software systems for health and medical devices.

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  • Increase utilization of equipment: MES systems let manufacturers measure the actual utilization of equipment. With this knowledge, you can adjust job prices to either encourage the use of certain equipment or dissuade the use of that equipment.
  • Better record-keeping and data analysis:  MES provides records not of machine use, jobs and lots. This yields several benefits. First, there is better tracking of actual materials used, increasing accountability of material use to individual operators, which generally reduces waste. Second, should a quality problem occur, lot tracking allows tying back the issue to the individual lots instead of having to potentially recall an entire run.
  • Real-time WIP reporting:  MES systems can report on progress on jobs and lots in real-time, giving shop managers better information and allowing for modifications to the schedule to adjust for changes in productivity.


    Financial management components will bring all aspects of your business together. The right software system will assist you in better controlling your cost or labor and materials vs income and savings.

    Service management

    The heavy regulations in the medical device manufacturing industry mean that regularly servicing and tracking your machinery and tools. This functionality will allow you to track warranty and service work, track product histories for trends in service needed and allow you to track service work.

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