BigTime’s Revolutionary New Mobile Time & Billing App Delivers Pro-Level Features and Online-Offline Access, Plus Seamless Integration with Phone and Email

BigTime Software, Inc., the leading cloud-based time and billing software, today unveiled a mobile app that makes it possible for small- and mid-sized professional services firms to go far beyond basic mobile time and expense tracking features to access higher-level, sophisticated project management capabilities previously unavailable to the industry on a mobile device.

“BigTime Mobile takes remote time management to a whole new level, putting pro-level time and expense tracking functionality in the palm of your hand,” says Brian Saunders, CEO and founder of BigTime. “When you look at the mobile T&B apps that are currently out there, this really is a game changer — the kind of mobile app the market’s been asking for.”

Users want more than a basic timer when they’re out on the road, Saunders says. “They want the ability to manage projects, have full access to staff/client contact information, and see data by the week, even month. And they want to do it in a way that’s organic to how they already interact with their smartphone. BigTime Mobile was built from the ground up to do all of that.”

Anytime, anywhere access to many of BigTime’s desktop features

What makes BigTime Mobile different, Saunders says, is that the app is so full-featured, and the interface so friendly, that users find themselves using it all the time — even at their desktop.

“We were surprised to discover that people aren’t just pulling out the mobile app when they’re on the go — they're using it when they're right next to their computer,” he says. “They actually like it better, and get their work done more quickly, when they can use their thumbs instead of a mouse and keyboard. That's the true promise of applications in the mobile space.”

BigTime Mobile provides anytime, anywhere access to many of the features of BigTime’s desktop version. Users can submit timesheets as easily as sending an email, and the expense entry function allows users to log billable or non-billable costs, offline or online, upload pictures of receipts and more. All QuickBooks data is pulled into the mobile app automatically.

“Frankly, there are a lot of really smart web applications out there with not-so-smart mobile companion apps. We wanted to create a mobile app that's as smart as our web app — one that could put powerful time, expense and customer/staff information capabilities between your thumbs,” Saunders says. “BigTime Mobile actually mimics the way you think about your day — your complete ‘track my time’ workflow, not just a piece of it.”

He adds: "This is where mobile T&B is headed. And BigTime Mobile is already there.”

Pro-level T&B features plus the convenience of mobile

BigTime Mobile, available at the iTunes App Store, is free to current subscribers of BigTime Express and BigTime IQ, the newly launched pro version of BigTime's web app that delivers enhanced invoicing and reporting capabilities, plus a modern interface, among other upgrades.

BigTime Mobile offers remote time tracking features, hassle-free expense entry features, and real-time team/project management. For more information and to see a demo video of the app, visit

About BigTime Software

BigTime Software, Inc. develops practice management tools that help growing professional services firms track, manage and invoice their time. Its industry-specific solutions are designed to speak the language of more than a dozen business types, from accounting and IT services to architecture and engineering.

A Microsoft Partner Network member, BigTime is a Gold Certified Developer with Intuit, maker of QuickBooks, and is the only time tracking app embedded within Intuit’s own practice management system. BigTime serves the needs of OEM partners who license its technology as the critical component of their accounting and productivity suites. See more at

Source: Business Wire